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We specialize in SECURITY!!! 

Residential & Commercial
When you think of any of the following:

Security Burglar Alarms.

Fire Alarm Systems.

Medical Alarms.

Telephone Systems/&
Intercom Systems.

Central Vacuum systems.

Sprinkler Systems.

Card Access Entry.

Covert Surveillance Equipementand services Provided.

We also provide 24 Hour monitoring of
All Security Systems
We provide A Complete Line of the following:

Answering Devices. 

Door access in Conjunction with

We maintain our own sales and service.
Deal with reliable, Experts.

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Let our talents work for you. Your end result will be a product with unsurpassed quality, high reliability and value.

Internet Special

Talking Car/Van Alarms.


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George 703-221-5979

BullDog Security 
3241 Riverview Drive, Triangle, Va.  22172
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